The OREX Organics Extruder turns waste into clean energy

Municipal mixed waste, minus high-value recyclable materials, too often end up in landfills. This leftover mixed waste consists of an organic fraction and a non-organic fraction. Separating the two has always been a problem. The OREX Organics Extruder Press solves this problem.


The OREX extruder press uses extremely high pressure to separate organics from non-organics in mixed waste streams. The organic fraction is turned into compost and biogas, while the non-organic fraction can be used as RDF (refuse-derived fuel).


The OREX press is especially advantageous in developing countries where the organic component of the collected mixed-waste is relatively high.


Feasibility studies

Project Development

Project Realisation

LeapFrog Waste Management develops OREX extruder waste-to-energy systems

We start with a feasibility study (not every situation lends itself to the implementation of an Orex-centered waste-to-energy system).

If you're a candidate for an OREX-centered waste handling system, we can develop a plan to bring this exciting waste-to-energy concept to life.


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Wim Snijder

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